Joyce Luck: Master Yeshua, The – the Undiscovered Gospel of Joseph

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Forfattere: Joyce Luck, Joyce Luck
Forlag: John Hunt Publishing
Udgivelsesår: 2015
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Jesus is not who you think he is. The year is 75 CE. Joseph ben Jude, the nephew of Yeshua, is frail and ailing, but he gathers together stacks of goat-skin parchment and picks up a reed pen. He has a prophecy to fulfill before his death: that he will record the story of his uncle Yeshua. A former Essene and now an Ebionite-the first generation of non-Gentile Christians-Joseph grieves over the destruction of the Temple. He fears the End Times are near. He is also troubled by the accounts already being told of his uncle. His grandmother-a virgin? His uncle-the son of god? Simon Peter-head of the early Church and not his uncle James? Follow Joseph as the suppressed story of Yeshua and the early Church unfolds, revealing a message of hope that resounds throughout the ages and speaks to us even more urgently today.

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