Svetlana Belorustseva og Andrei Sochivko: Photographing the Microworld

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Forfattere: Andrei Sochivko, Svetlana Belorustseva
Forlag: Vivays Publishing
Udgivelsesår: 2011
Stand: Velholdt eksemplar

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Photographing the Microworld offers an extraordinary insight into the microworld through the lens of a camera, which has magnified the familiar and the unfamiliar living things that surround us. Images of insects going about their daily life; close-ups of spiders, both beautiful and fearsome; delicate butterflies with wing patterns that rival the most elegant fabrics; fish whose scales create intricate designs…these are just a few of the living creatures featured in this book. Many of these images include rare exotic species and creatures that have scarcely been captured by the camera’s lens before.

This book will be of interest to photographers, naturalists, environmentalists, biologists and those who are simply fascinated by the world around us.

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